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Is Carrd pro worth it? 4 things to know

By David NgeLast Updated: June 16, 2024

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In this article we'll go through Carrd's pricing structure and its Pro plans in detail.

In the process I'm going to analyze what are the main differences between each Pro plan, which one should you choose and whether they're worth paying for.

Comparing Carrd Pro Plans
Comparing Carrd Pro Plans

Here are 4 important things to know:

  1. Free Plan — How good is Carrd's free plan, and what are the limitations?
  2. Pro Plans — What are the main differences between the Pro plans?
  3. Is the Pro plan worth it?
  4. Which Pro plan should you choose if you've decided to upgrade?

Bonus: Frequently asked questions that people have with Carrd's Pro plans.

Free Plan

Carrd is free
Carrd is free

Carrd offers a pretty decent free plan that allows you to build a one-page informational website — It could be a small business website, a personal profile page, or even a K-POP fan page, which seems to be a popular Carrd trend nowadays.

Here are some Carrd website examples where people build interesting sites — from personal sites, small business page, portfolio links, music band page, K-POP fan pages, and more.

Limitations on Carrd's free plan

If you intend to use Carrd for the long term, here's what you should know about the free plan:

Is Carrd's free plan good?

The free plan is great for personal use. Tons of people use it to create a personal website or a directory that links to their social media profiles. If you're in music band, a consultant, or a small business who just need a simple one page website to display some content and a few links then you probably don't need most of the premium features.

However, if you build websites for a living or if you plan to run ad campaigns on your website then it's good idea to upgrade to a Pro plan where custom domain, larger site limit, and premium features are going to make a significant difference to your business.

Pro Plans

Carrd offers 3 Pro plans. The Pro Lite, Pro Standard, and the Pro Plus.

Carrd Pricing table
Carrd Pricing table

The cheapest Carrd Pro plan (Pro Lite) starts at just $9 per year, which is of incredible value given the premium features you have access to.

It is also the cheapest website builder in the market in terms of premium features offered. The closest free website builder competitors that is Weebly and Wix priced their pro plans at $5 per month.

Differences between Carrd Pro plans

The main differences between Pro Lite, Pro Standard, and Pro Plus are the price, the number of sites you can build, and the type of premium features you have access to.

Here's the breakdown.

Pro Lite

Pro Standard

Pro Plus

Is the Pro plan worth it?

If you find yourself needing a branded website with a custom domain, then the Pro plan offers tremendous value.

Carrd's Custom Domain feature
Carrd's Custom Domain feature

At $9 a year (less than $1/month), you simply won't find a cheaper website builder that offers you custom branded website and domain.

Granted, there are free website builders that allow custom domain but they come with downsides as well, such as adding an advertisement on your site. You could remove the advertisement but that would mean you'll need to pay at least $5/month to maintain your site.

Pricing aside, the biggest advantage of upgrading to the Pro plan is access to over 40 premium themes on Carrd. They were personally made by the founder, AJ, who was a designer prior to building Carrd and has a reputation for building high-quality40 premium themes sites.

The cherry on top would be creating custom templates and selling them yourself! Carrd has a Maker programcreating custom templates and selling that allows you to sell custom templates directly to other Carrd users, which you earn an ROI from your investment.

All you need to join Carrd's seller program is to get the Pro Lite.

Which Pro plan should you choose

Here's a quick guide on how to choose the right Pro plan for you.

How to choose Carrd pro plan
How to choose Carrd pro plan

Carrd Pro Lite

Choose Pro Lite if you need a branded website with a custom domain.

Whether you're a small business owner, a consultant, employee, or even a student. Getting the Pro Lite instantly get you access to all premium Carrd templates that you can use to easily set up a professional looking website with practically no effort.

Note: Pro Lite allows you to create up to 3 websites. If you need more website quota, just click the right arrow in the pricing page and you can choose different website packages for Pro Lite:

Click the right arrow to view different website packages
Click the right arrow to view different website packages

Carrd Pro Standard

The Pro Standard is recommended for startups, small businesses, agencies, or consultants/freelancers who build various websites and frequently run marketing campaigns to generate leads or sales for their business.

The main features that Pro Standard gets (on top of Pro Lite) are sign up forms, checkout buttons (Stripe, Paypal, etc), and tracking codes.

These features combined allows you to quickly generate marketing pages to test ideas, collect leads and payments, or simply build a pretty one-page website for clients.

Like the Pro Lite you can customize the plan based on the amount of website quota you need:

Carrd Pro Plus

The Pro Plus is recommended for agencies or freelancers who build high volume , bespoke marketing websites for clients.

The main features that Pro Plus has (on top of Pro Standard) are advance setting to add custom CSS and Javascript to the site. This allows you to customize virtually every aspect of the site, including how the site looks and behaves in mobile or tablet devices.

You also have access to advance search engine optimization (SEO) features such as customizing the robots.txt file, setting the cache for user, set a redirect, and add a password.

If you need to hand over the website at some point, Carrd allows you to download the site in HTML, CSS, and Javascript along with all the assets (image, video, etc).

You can select a custom Pro Plus package depending on the amount of website quota you need:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some additional info that will hopefully help you decide if choosing Carrd is right for you.

Is Carrd a good website builder?

Yes. Carrd is a beginner -friendly, low-cost website builder that allows even a non-designer to produce professional looking website. The drag-and-drop interface is easy to navigate, so much so that you can even design a Carrd website using a phone!

Compared to other website builders in the market, Carrd's Pro plan offers the best value in terms of premium features you'd usually pay for.

How much does Carrd cost?

Carrd is free to use but if you need a custom domain and use their premium templates then the cheapest Pro plan costs you $9 per year and can go up to $469 per year depending on your usage.

What payment method does Carrd accept?

Carrd accepts payment via PayPal or any major credit or debit card. You have the option to set the payment to auto-renew, which is a nice touch. Most website builders automatically renew your payment by default.

Does Carrd have a monthly plan?

No. All Carrd Pro plans are paid yearly.

Can you get Carrd pro for free?

Yes. Carrd offers a 7 trial for all of its Pro plans to test drive top features like custom domain, sign up form, and premium themes. No payment or credit card required.

To try any of the Pro plan, just head over to Carrd, select any premium theme, and click Select + Start Free Trial.

Who uses Carrd?

Glad you asked! Carrd is used for social movements, personal website, K-POP fan site, marketing landing page, and more.

Click here to view more Carrd website examples/inspirations.


Carrd is affordable to say the least. The free plan could you get very far. But if you foresee yourself building more than 3 websites and need a custom domain, then Carrd's Pro plan is hard to beat!

You also have the flexibility to choose different website quota package if you're in the business of building websites for other people.

All in all, Carrd is a great value tool (their words) and plenty of online builders recommend it.

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