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5 Unique Carrd templates to download for free

By David NgeLast Updated: January 05, 2023

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Here are 5 Carrd templates you can download for free:

  1. Aesthetic Anime Carrd Template
  2. Online Portfolio Carrd Template
  3. Online Profile Carrd Template
  4. Agency or Freelancer Carrd Template
  5. Startup Landing Page Carrd template

You don't need a paid account to use these templates. Although, if you ever need to create more than 3 Carrd websites then the Pro plan actually offers incredible value.

Here's a detailed comparison of all Carrd's Pro plans to help you determine which one is the best.

The TL;DR summary is that

You can get it while Carrd still offers a 40% (Black Friday) discount on the paid plan.

With that out of the way, enjoy your free Carrd templates!

1. Aesthetic Anime Carrd Template

Aesthetic anime Carrd template
Aesthetic anime Carrd template

The aesthetic template draws inspiration from the popular Anime/Kpop movement that seem to resonate with Carrd users.

This template is made to specifically showcase the different personality of the user. But you can make of it what you will! This template is flexible enough to be used for Kpop fan pages, as a kin carrd, or even a personal profile page.

Download the aesthetic template (free)

Related: Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to create the Aesthetic Anime Carrd template from scratch.

2. Online Portfolio Carrd template

Online Portfolio Carrd template
Online Portfolio Carrd template

The online portfolio Carrd template was made for creative designers, artists, and photographers who want to showcase their work in a simple, one page website.

The most important aspect of this template is the artwork image (second half of the above image). It's crucial that you edit the image prior to uploading to maximize the visual impact of your portfolio.

Download the portfolio template (free)

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3. Online Profile Carrd Template

Online profile/bio Carrd template
Online profile/bio Carrd template

You can use the online profile template as a personal bio or directory where people can find you and your work — social media, personal website, blog, newsletter, medium publications etc.

The template was first made by One Page Love and later adapted to a personal profile template.

Download the profile/bio template (free)

4. Agency Carrd Template

Agency/Freelancer Carrd template
Agency or Freelancer Carrd template

The Agency Carrd template was made for service businesses such as agencies, freelancer, and consultants to show their case studies and also to convince potential client to sign up as a lead.

Note: The current template doesn't use a sign up form as this is a premium Carrd feature. You can get Carrd premium plan at 40% off while they still offer it.

Download the agency/freelancer template (free)

5. Startup Landing Page Carrd Template

Startup landing page Carrd template
Startup landing page Carrd template

The Startup template serves as a marketing landing page for new businesses to promote their product and services. The template includes a header section, features (or unique selling point), and a pricing section.

The template was first made by Worrk and later adapted to the Startup landing page.

Download the startup landing page template (free)

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