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How to loop a video in Squarespace

By David NgeLast Updated: March 08, 2023

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Here's a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to loop a video in Squarespace without needing any custom code.

Squarespace has introduced a native feature to loop videos on your website, so you can do this without relying on third-party video platforms like Youtube or Vimeo.

In Squarespace, there are 2 ways to loop a video:

  1. You can add a video that loops within the content section.

2.  Or add a looping video as a background.

We'll go over each method, and I'll also let you know the things you should look out for.

Let's dive right in.

Should you add a GIF on Squarespace instead?

Technically, if you upload a GIF to your site, the GIF will loop indefinitely.

However, GIFs are notorious for having a much larger (usually over 10x) file size than video. Why?

That's because video formats like MP4 are neatly compressed and optimized during export, whereas GIFs are just multiple images being stitched together by video software.

Take this experience from an Adobe customer who's trying to export their MP4 file into a GIF in photoshop. It turned a 4MB video into a 120MB GIF.

Does size matter?

Absolutely yes. Large image and video files affect the site loading speed. Aside from the obvious slow user experience, a search engine like Google prioritizes websites that load fast as well, especially for mobile devices.

In short, you should optimize use a video instead of GIFs whenever you can.

Now here's how to add a video that loops in Squarespace.

Add a looping video on Squarespace

First, head to your website from the Squarespace dashboard.

Head to your Squarespace website dashboard
Head to your Squarespace website dashboard

Then Edit the page you want to add a looping video to.

Edit the webpage
Edit the webpage

In that section, add a video block.

Add a new block
Add a new block
Add the video block to your page
Add the video block to your page

Next, Edit the video block and Upload a video of your choice.

Edit the video block
Edit the video block

You have the option to directly upload a video from your device or select an existing video that you've already uploaded to the Asset Library.

Upload a video from your device or select from the Asset Library
Upload a video from your device or select from the Asset Library

After you've uploaded a video, scroll down the video settings, and you should see the toggle to turn on video looping.

Toggle the Loop Video setting
Toggle the Loop Video setting

If you turn on Loop Video, what will happen is that the video will play continuously on repeat AFTER the user plays the video.

If this is what you're after, then great.

If you need your video to loop while autoplay, then read ahead.

Looping video while autoplay

Squarespace requires all autoplay videos to be muted by default. So you first need to mute your video.

Above the Loop video setting, you should see the option to Mute Video.

Toggle that setting and mute your video.

Mute video before enabling autoplay
Mute video before enabling autoplay

Once you have turned ON the Mute Video Button, the Autoplay Video setting should be enabled.

Enable autoplay after muting video
Enable autoplay after muting video
If you do not mute the video, you will NOT be able to autoplay the video.

Now go ahead and flip the Autoplay and Loop Video settings ON.

Add a looping video in the background

The previous section walks you through how to add a looping video to the content section of your site. You can easily do the same for background videos.

To add looping video in the background, edit the section you want to set the video background.

In the background tab, upload a video.

Once the video is uploaded, the background video should immediately start playing.

That's it. You've just added a looping video to the background section.

In Squarespace, background video autoplay and loop by default once you've uploaded them.

The best thing is the video works on desktop and mobile devices!

Frequently asked questions about adding a looping video in Squarespace

Do I need to add custom code to make a video loop in Squarespace?

You don't need to add a custom code unless you use third-party video hosting platforms like Youtube or Vimeo. For that, you can watch this tutorial on how to set up.

Does the video loop on other devices and browsers?

The native video loop feature in Squarespace works across desktop, mobile, and tablet. You can preview how the looping video will show by toggling the device icon at the top corner in editing mode.

How do I loop a Squarespace video without branding and border?

Squarespace has a clean video interface and doesn't show branding by default, so that's the best solution.

If you use Youtube, then there isn't a way to completely remove its branding, but if you use Vimeo, then you can customize it in the video settings.

Is it possible to make a looping video with audio?

Yes, you can loop a video with the audio on. However, you won't be able to autoplay that said video.

To enable looping video with audio, toggle the audio and loop video settings on once you've uploaded the video.

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