Carrd Tutorials and Website Examples

A collection of step-by-step Carrd tutorials for beginners.

How to Accept Payments in Carrd

How to add a Stripe, Gumroad, and Paypal checkout button in Carrd so you can start accepting payments via credit card or Paypal

Carrd Tutorial for beginner. Create an Aesthetic Carrd from scratch

We're going to create the Aesthetic Anime Carrd template in a step-by-step, beginner-friendly tutorial.

7 Unique Carrd templates to download for free

7 free Carrd templates to download — Aesthetic anime, online portfolio, agency or freelancer template, and startup landing page, restaurant, NGO/charity template.

Is Carrd pro worth it? 4 things to know

Analyze what are the main differences between each Carrd's Pro plan, which one should you choose and whether they're worth paying for.

How to add a music player to Carrd

In this tutorial we'll go over how to quickly add a Soundcloud music player to your Carrd site via a link and via the embed code.

How to create links in Carrd

Succinct Carrd tutorial on how to link a text, how to create an image and button link, as well as how to link to a specific section within a website.

How to create a Carrd website with multiple pages

Here's a step by step guide on how to create a Carrd website with multiple pages.

How to add Gif in Carrd

Here are 2 simple ways you can add animated Gifs to your Carrd website.

How to add a background in Carrd

Here's a quick way to change the background color, add a gradient and video background in Carrd.

28 Unique Carrd Website Examples and Ideas

Carrd website examples — From K-pop fan pages, personal portfolio directory, marketing landing page, to a simple one page business website.

16 Popular fonts used in Carrd templates

Here's a list of all the fonts used in Carrd's public template library. 90% of which are Google fonts which you can download for free!